I offer my services as a freelance illustrator to authors and publishers. If you think that my illustration work suits your story, your book, your ethics and your message, I am all ears!
If you are looking for a picture book to publish, I have a few stories written and illustrated, just waiting for the world to discover them!

I love working with private clients to bring to life their ideas: if you are thinking of gifting someone or yourself a digital illustration, I am ready to listen to your suggestions, see your sketches (even stick figures will do) and deliver the drawing you dream of.
This service does not include printing, framing and shipping. You will get a high resolution file to print yourself. If you need guidance in choosing the format and the material on which to print, I am happy to help.

Would you like to discover how monotype printing works?
I can offer workshops in the basics of this unique printing technique or share with you tips on my own technique
Examples of workshops:
-Monotype 101: the basics of monoprinting
-Make bold prints with monotype
-Eco-friendly art: from monotype to collage
Get in touch to learn more and plan a workshop with me!

My Catholic faith is a huge part of my life. I love to draw the saints and the Virgin Mary, and to explore the rich symbolism of Catholicism. Go to Portfolio to see my Christian-themed illustration.

My Monotype Technique: how it works



Usually, if I have many commissions and freelance work, it takes me two to three weeks to finish a digital illustration. In that time frame I will get back to you multiple times to make sure that the illustration is going in the right direction.

When working with privates, after hearing what it is that you wish me to create I will send you a quote with the price for my services, starting from the sketches, to the different options of color palette and style I will offer, going through any change or corrections that you would like, to the email exchange for any advice that you will need for the printing and framing (when not included).
I will work closely with you, respecting deadlines but with flexibility towards any change of mind you could have. I like to think that you won’t pay only for a drawing, but also for the relationship with the

artist and the creating process in which you will take part, which I promise will be a pleasant experience.

I can offer workshops online for a cheaper price to those enrolling, but the student would have to provide themselves for the materials needed for the monoprint technique (a list would be sent in advance).

I am willing to plan a workshop even outside Copenaghen, as long as the price for transportation is included in my compensation. Get in touch to know when I am available to travel.

You can commission me any art with the techniques I am familiar and comfortable using. I reserve more than three weeks to work on the piece as with monoprint it could require a few test and with collage there is the drying to take into consideration.
Be aware that commissioning a monotype print or a collage does not include framing, but only the shipping of the art.

If you want to learn the monoprint techniques and would lake to take what would be “private lessons” feel free to write to me and we can work something out. I would love to share my knowledge with other artist in a more friendly and laid back atmosphere.

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